Italy is a wonderful country. It manages to satisfy the wishes of those who love to travel because it offers natural and unspoiled beauty, as well as art, history and culture. The period of forced isolation to which we were forced due to the health emergency has awakened in many of us the strong desire to discover new and enchanting places. Today we will dedicate ourselves to nature trails. In Italy there are really many, some to take your breath away. So, let’s go. The first thing, however, even for those who want to go out on a short excursion, is to wear the right clothes. T-shirts must be made of breathable fabric, even better if with a zip around the neck to protect yourselves in the event of wind or drop in temperature. Always remember to bring a sweatshirt. Now it is easy to find the fleece ones that you can safely put in a backpack, together with a waterproof jacket with a hood. Always choose long pants to protect your legs from scratches and insect bites. Do not venture with walking shoes but always prefer those suitable for hiking, with non-slip, breathable and waterproof soles. Cap and sunglasses and you are ready to go.

The paths of Tuscany, from Chianti to Capraia

Many people love walking in Tuscany among the rows of vines, the olive groves and villages that keep their ancient charm intact. Chianti is certainly suitable for hiking. The paths are many as the 7 km long one that leads from Barberino to Ponte Nuovo. Wineyards then intertwine wonderfully on the green Tuscan hills with the possibility of tastings in the many wineries that you can meet along the way.

Percorsi - vigneti - nature trails - vineyards

Those who love wild landscapes must plan a trip to Capraia. The island maintains a rough charm. The gaze moves quickly from the arid soils to the rock and then gets lost in the blue of the sea and in the colorful patches of vegetation. For art lovers it is worth traveling along the Renaissance ring. A 178 km route, divided into 13 stages, full of historical and artistic suggestions.

Amidst glaciers and lakes, nature trails in the mountains

In the Aosta Valley there is an hour and a half long walk that leads from the village of Cogne to the Lillaz Falls and the Urtier stream. Those who really want to test themselves will have to aim for Mont Blanc.

Percorsi - Monti - nature trails: mountains
Monte Altissimo di Nago

Starting from Courmayeur you can get lost in a path between glaciers, valleys and woods. In Piedmont, from Lake Orta you can start towards the Sacro Monte, a spiritual itinerary supported by twenty chapels that tell the life of San Francesco d’Assisi. For those wishing to admire splendid packs of wolves, they will have to challenge each other in the path that leads to the Maritime Alps Park. In Lombardy, lovers of breathtaking views will be able to undertake the ancient journey to Lake Como or Iseo. From Veneto, however, a walk starts along the shores of the splendid Lake Garda. In Trentino, in the Valle di Ledro, there are several routes to practice even with children. Without neglecting to visit the Palafitte Museum of Molina di Ledro which is a UNESCO heritage site. And how can we forget the Dolomites? Wonderful spectacle of nature, starting right from the highest point of these mountains, the Marmolada.

Paths of the soul and transhumance

Via di Francesco, in Umbria, is a must for those who want to experience more intimate and spiritual suggestions.

percorsi - panorama - nature trials: landscape

Challenging itinerary in the footsteps of the Saint of Assis. You can start from two places: to the north from La Verna and to the south from Greccio. In central Italy, between Marche and Umbria, the one on the Sibillini Mountains is one of the most beautiful walks. In Abruzzo you can head to the Majella Park or walk the ancient transhumance routes used by shepherds to lead the flocks from the mountains to the valley.

From the Cinque Terre to the Zingaro Reserve

One of the most beautiful Italian routes is certainly the one through the Cinque Terre in Liguria. A maze of colorful seaside villages overlooking the sea between La Spezia and Genoa.

Città sul mare - city on the sea
Cinque Terre

For sea lovers, in Sicily we find the Zingaro Reserve, an uncontaminated natural reserve. But you can also climb the slopes of Etna, along the Germoplasma path. One of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean, for flora, fauna and botany, is certainly the Madonie Park. Moving in Campania, along the famous and suggestive Amalfi Coast, you can walk the Path of Lemons. Campania also offers a pearl like the Cilento Park which includes the archaeological sites of Paestum, Velia and the Certosa di Padula. In Puglia, there is a splendid route, the one along the Limone dei Greci, the road axis that today connects Taranto to Lecce. It is a very long wall similar to the dry stone walls of the Salento countryside but much more massive and imposing whose remains can still be admired in the Pasano district.

Unspoiled nature in the Pollino Park

Between Basilicata and Calabria there is the Pollino National Park. It is the largest protected area in Italy characterized by wild and unspoiled nature. Perfect for those who love hiking.

Stambecco - ibex

You can start from Fosso Jannace and reach the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Pollino. In the park there are some of the highest peaks in southern Italy and you can admire golden eagles, hawks and deer. And finally, to close, remember that Sardinia, in addition to the crystal clear waters, can offer a unique experience: the discovery of numerous archaeological sites including the Tombs of Matzanni. If then your desire is to reach the sea, then head to the path of the coast that leads from the beach of Porto Ferro to the Promontory of Porto Conte. Italy is all beautiful and can offer unique and fascinating experiences. Now it’s up to you to choose where to go. Enojoy your walk.

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