If Gossip Girl had been set in Italy, in the summer, surely Porto Rotondo would have been among the eligible candidates of location. The warm sun, the crystalline sea, the trendy places, the social life that arouses envy, important people running around in the streets. I already hear a certain cheerful voice from a certain TV series: “I’m Porto Rotondo, your only summer destination with the scandalous lives of Italy’s elite”.

Porto Rotondo: the delirium of the five senses

It is rare that a place is close to perfection: it is easy to find some small details that make us turn up our noses, which does not leave us a good memory. And yet, Porto Rotondo will amaze you enormously. All five senses feel inebriated: from the sight of a transparent sea to the pricly and natural scents. The ancient rocks will be heartening to the touch and the tasty restaurants will delight you. Last but not least, the roaring of the sea in the circular inlet will satisfy you. You will feel satisfied by what you have around you and you will also want to stimulate the sixth sense, that of self-awareness and experience.

Porto Rotondo: view on the sea

Porto Rotondo: our Hamptons

With the arrival of the summer season, New Yorkers take refuge in the Hamptons. The Italian jet set, instead, calls at Porto Rotondo. In the Sardinian island, even if the famous personalities are sorted between Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, there are stars like Sofia Loren, Virna Lisi, Ugo Tognazzi, Lory Del Santo, Cristina Parodi and certainly many others. The village has welcomed them in the mighty and luxurious summer villas, in all these years, and still in these years they never stop going there. Obviously, it also attracts international tourists of some importance. The rubbing of Louis Vitton’s bags, the pleasant noise of the tennis ball on the racket and the flash of the cameras are the musical background of the summer in Porto Rotondo.

Porto Rotondo -View of the city center

What to see in Porto Rotondo

Like any worthy destination, Porto Rotondo contains various places to visit. At about fifteen kilometers from Olbia, the village offers a wide and captivating choice of beaches for sunbathing. An example is the paradisiacal Ira Beach or, again, Punta Lepre Beach. The first is named after the actress Ira Furstenberg. If, on the other hand, you prefer the sea with fine white sand, you can venture into the blue by diving at Punta Volpe, perfect for these adventures. In the village, instead, of a mystical beauty is the Church of San Lorenzo, created by Andrea Cascella and Mario Cerioli. The paved streets lead to Piazza San Marco, commonly known as the piazzetta. Coastal Tower towers over the rise, protecting the circular and unspoilt life of Porto Rotondo.

Porto Rotondo extends the pristine Ira beach

The elite and beyond

Of course, as I have just described it does not seem to be the quietest and most peaceful destination, with all its boutiques and its seemingly chaotic meeting places. And yet, Porto Rotondo maintains its naturalness. From Punta Nuraghe to Punta Volpe, it has managed to retain the charm that its creators have discovered. Luigi and Nicolò Donà delle Rose, together with the English banker George Frank, in 1964, gave life to the village as a tourist destination, leaving it at the same time pristine and intact. In fact, they knew how to respect its beauty. And now, it’s appropriate to say it: basu basu, Gossip Girl.

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