In this period of necessary limitations, the innate desire to wander, that makes Italians the dreamer community that is, doesn’t doze off. We can and must cultivate it. Travel readings are for us. They have the power to lead us to other places, real or not, to an elsewhere that knows how to open unexpected horizons. Giulio Perrone publishing house is committed precisely to this, with the Passaggi di Dogana series of book.

libri - tanti libri aperti uno accanto all'altro

Passaggi di Dogana is devoted to cities with a timeless charm. Cities that have been an inspiration for artists, writers, musicians. Books in the series want to be at the service of the mind, empathize it with that of authors who have truly lived those inspiring places, bringing an indelible trace, in their memory and in their works.

Thanks to these readings we can travel without permission. From region to region, for example, through Italy. From the Genoa of De André, to the Naples of Totò, to the Bari of Carofiglio.

Maricarmela Leto, creator of the series, explains: “The idea of creating it was born by reading I love both the city and signs by Roland Barthes. Every space, urban and otherwise, can be significant in itself. It is the consciousness of those who perceive it, and above all the story that derives from it, to make it actually endowed with a meaning that is often specific and unrepeatable “.

Cities gain beauty and meaning thanks to the people who go through them and meet other people there. To facilitate these crossings and contacts, Passaggi di Dogana offers the reader a passepartout, a blank boarding pass, without limitations – more than ever valuable in a period in which every move seems to be denied.

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Books help. Always. Not to feel alone. To recognize us in the words and thoughts of other human beings who lived hundreds of years ago. In short: they make us cross over. Nothing more therapeutic, especially today.

Mariacarmela Leto says: “With books we go where we have not actually been, where perhaps we will never go. In books the metaphor of travel finds its deepest application”.

Passaggi di Dogana makes us explore cities as we have never done before. With new perspectives, colors, sensations. And it is easy for the reader to get infected by those who lived those cities that have become special places for them. Places imprinted throughout life in the memory of those who described them. And for years and years in that of who will come, and will read them.

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