For this dish I used Venus rice. The black colour denotes the presence of antioxidant substances in the coating of rice grains, and is a variety of brown rice. Compared to refined rice, it has a higher fiber content and maintains a higher quantity of vitamins and mineral salts. Black rice is not the classic rice for risotto but it is suitable for being boiled and then used both hot and cold to prepare numerous dishes, excellent for salads with vegetables. It has a delicate and particular taste, like a slight hint of toast, so I chose to combine this noble protagonist with a mix of sweet flavors… Such as beetroot, shrimps and red spring onion. And bolder flavors like romanesco broccoli and the strong and aromatic flavor of toasted hazelnuts, giving the mouthfeel a perfect and very pleasant balance of flavors.

Production time: 30 minutes
Degree of difficulty (from 1 to 5): 3

Ingredients for 2 people

150 g of venus rice
150g shrimps (shelled)
a handful of chopped hazelnuts
chili pepper
1 beetroot
1 knob of butter
2 tablespoons of vinegar
4 romanesco broccoli florets

closeup of venus rice with beetroot and shrimp
Closeup of venus rice with beetroot and shrim

Process for making Venus Rice with spring onions, beetroot and shrimps

I rinsed and cleaned the shrimps and cooked them, by frying the garlic with oil and chilli in a non-stick pan. I added the shrimps and parsley and after a few minutes I deglazed with the cognac. Meanwhile, I boiled the broccoli florets for about 15 minutes and set aside. I cut the beetroot into cubes and stir-fried in a pan with butter, two tablespoons of vinegar and a pinch of salt.

dish with square of venus rice beetroot and shrimps
Dish with square of venus rice beetroot and shrimps

Finally I boiled the rice for about 20 minutes and sautéed in a pan with the spring onion, which I had already dried with oil and a drop of water and the hazelnuts. In the same pan I then also poured the shrimps with their seasoning, further flavoring the rice. I plated up the rice, the beetroot cubes and the romanesco broccoli florets.
The recipe was made by Amerigo Morgia.

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Venus black rice with spring onions, beetroot and shrimps
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