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Among the many doubts, perplexities, fears and “madness” of this period, one thing is sure: we will make history! It is up to us to decide how we will be remembered, how Italy will be remembered.

A historical moment

We are living in a moment that none of us expected. A nation under “house arrest”, for a virus that has come from afar, but which in one way or another has revolutionized and will revolutionize everyone’s life. It looks like a TV series or a video game, instead it is the incredible reality that we are experiencing. We hope that this is a unique moment in our lives, and that none of us will have to face a similar period again. Covid-19 is certainly not the first pandemic that exploded in the post-war period, but it is certainly the one that hit most parts of the world, given globalization. Fortunately, it is estimated that in the future the risk of a pandemic is always lower, thanks to the advances in technology and above all, to the development of many areas, which leads to an improvement in hygiene in certain areas of the globe.

We will make history

Everyone will remember and talk about that famous 2020, in the coming years. A period in which life as we knew it was interrupted. Everyone will talk about how they passed the quarantine, perhaps exaggerating the stories to their children and grandchildren. But what will truly remain in history will be different. Italy will be judged (now and in the future) on how it defended itself from this invisible attack. The numbers will be referees: the number of people infected, the damage to national economy, the number of victims. So we have to do everything to ensure that these numbers are minimized as much as possible. In the future people will have to say “But do you remember how Italy reacted?!”

We are on track

It must be said that Italy is not at all making a bad impression in front of an enemy as sneaky as it is powerful. We were the first seriously affected European country, and while the world mocked us, the WHO and other relevant bodies praised us. As I am writing this article, Italy is experiencing fewer and fewer infections, approaching by leaps and bounds towards the end of the tunnel. Which in many European countries, unfortunately, still seems far away. So let’s keep it up, because we are showing everyone how to deal with this problem. Solidarity, sacrifices, humility and unity of a fighting people. Where 8,000 people responded to a civil protection call for 300 volunteer nurses. A country where doctors have Armani coats and respirators are produced by Ferrari. A country that after a normal initial dismay collaborated, inciting, supporting and helping others.


“There is no night so long as not to allow the Sun to rise again the next day”. The Renaissance of Italy has already happened after the Middle Ages. After hitting the ground, Italy will rise. People will return to bars, restaurants, shops. This virus may have been a crossroads for Italy, a shock as strong as necessary to get out of a general indolence that had lasted for years. We can start again, and let’s do it by buying Italian, eating Italian, and traveling in Italy. Let’s help local businesses, not out of conservatism or out of spite against an EU that could have been more helpful. We help our companies for solidarity between Italians, to take advantage of a unique moment and to get through a crisis that did not start in March 2020, but many, too many years ago.

Come on, let’s continue to respect the rules and demonstrate this great spirit of solidarity. Let 2020 be remembered, yes for Coronavirus, but also for a new Renaissance in Italy. We will make history, proudly.

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