In the world it has always been one of the most important and coveted athletic crossroads to reach and practice. In Italy it is, without a doubt, a national sport par excellence. Football, in today’s society, is the Mecca for its faithful: it is talked about, lived, played on all levels, from the professional to the simple soccer on Thursday between friends. It is because of its wide scope that it is increasingly the bearer of a set of essential values. Ethical, moral and solid values. Football unites, excludes all discrimination, gathers the marginalized under a single flag, destroys extremism. From a gender perspective, one can well understand the weight played by a competition that has just started in France: the eighth edition of the Women’s World Cup.

Women's World Cup: the Italian national team
Italian Women National team

The right visibility for the Women’s World Cup

With, finally, a high-sounding media box (given its broadcast on TV) the Women’s World Cup is worthy of being able to give prestige to a sector that perpetually plays the role of counterpart to its male counterpart. The latter is naturally more sponsored, naturally more sold, to date, probably even more technical. But this is not the point, as much as giving the right visibility to those who over time have shown that they deserve it.

France 2019

The tournament, as mentioned, will take place on French soil, spreading the matches in nine stages that go from the capital Paris, to Marseille, to the charming Le Havre and sees the favorite hosts. Le Bleues, involved in group A, have many players in Lyon, the club perhaps the strongest, unquestionably the most successful, in the world, with only two defeats in the last nine seasons. A real tank. Among the 24 teams present, there are also the United States, current champions. Germany, from the star Dzenifer Marozsan, one of the highest paid football players in general, and our blues.

Women's World Cup: our national team

Italy returns to the limelight in the Women’s World Cup

Italy returns to the limelight in a World Cup after exactly twenty years since the last time, Usa99. It does it starting humble, with a lower physical / tactical preparation than the big ones. But with a game absolutely not bad and that has led them not to fence the debut. The 2-1 against Australia, gained in comeback, brings the double scratch on the scoreboard of Barbara Bonansea, Juventus midfielder, with whom he has already had the opportunity to show his qualities during the season crowned with the Scudetto. It was useful to start well. It will be necessary to beat Jamaica on the 14th to get against Brazil with full points, relaxed and with more than one hand on qualifying. This, on a purely sectorial level.

women's world cup


Then there is the meaning of the moment, which is historical. Because on June 9th a nation watched, cheered, some were moved by a women’s national football team. For our women’s national football team, proving to be the result of the sowings made by the various teams, who invested in the women’s teams when anything suggested the opposite. And by the women players, who have continued to pursue their dream, even in difficulties, without claims of any kind. Only by continuing to kick a ball and get excited, excited.

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