Virologists, doctors, experts in the field have been saying it for days: we can be certain that we have defeated this pandemic only when a vaccine will be ready. Maybe not as immediate. This is why we have to be careful and observe the safety rules. Good news, however, comes from Italy right on the vaccine to defeat Covid-19. In fact, human trials will begin this summer. ReiThera, a company based in Castel Romano, a district south of Rome, it’s working on it. The distribution of the Italian vaccine, if the trials work, is however unlikely to happen before 2021.

Il vaccino italiano - mani che si toccano - vaccine made in italy - hands that touch

The Italian vaccine, a collaboration with Germany and Belgium

And once again it is Italy, therefore, that takes significant steps in medicine. “ReiThera” will start testing the vaccine, developed within a European consortium together with Leokocare Ag from Munich and the Univercells Sa company from Brussels. A significant collaboration that seems to give hope for research. The large-scale production and distribution of vaccines ensures the consortium, but only after human trials.

The vaccine will be available to healthcare professionals and vulnerable people

But the testing doesn’t stop. The development of a vector-based adenoviral vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 spike protein has started. A further step, therefore, on the vaccine which is based on a new adenoviral vector which is owned by ReiThera. The forecast for vaccine production is also scheduled. There will be about 6 million doses since the beginning of next year. If the results of the tests are successful, the doses produced will be distributed to groups at greatest first. Doctors and health workers and highly vulnerable people.

Il vaccino italiano - medico di spalle in laboratorio - vaccine made in Italy - doctor in the laboratory

The urgency of the company to respond to this global emergency

Expectations are high. In fact, the company expects to complete testing in a short time and thus be able to contribute to defeat the pandemic. “Covid-19 has transformed our society on a global scale and has had a devastating effect in particular in Italy – underlined Stefan Colloca, Chief Technology Officer of ReiThera – we look forward to responding to the requests of our industry and society to join global efforts against this rapidly spreading virus. Our experience and positive preclinical and clinical data on vector-based adenoviral vaccine allow us to react to this unprecedented situation in a timely manner. We are looking forward to working with our partners, whose complementary skills and capabilities will help this new consortium respond as quickly as possible to this global health emergency. “

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