The word Coronavirus for a few weeks is connected to terror, to the fear of the pandemic that starts from China and spreads out into the global community. A planetary emergency that has alarmed the world population. The alert that is holding billions of people in suspense has been brilliantly faced by a team of Italian researchers.

coronavirus cell

They are three scholars from the Spallanzani hospital in Rome who first isolated the virus. Maria Capobianchi, Concetta Castilletti and Francesca Colavita are the three protagonists of the historical effort, which made international headlines and was greeted with exultation by the international scientific community.

Coronavirus beaten by three Southern researchers

The isolation of the virus is truly the excellent result of the study carried out by the three Italian researchers. A milestone, arrived in days of anguish and dismay at the spread of the pandemic, which allows the world of research to be able to develop new therapies for the treatment of viral infection. In addition, there is also thought of creating a vaccine to eradicate the Coronavirus that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

one of the Italian researchers of the coronavirus

Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza was the first to give the extraordinary and unexpected announcement of the discovery. Really a great satisfaction for Italy and for the Spallanzani hospital in Rome where the research was carried out. “News – the minister commented – thanks to wich the context of the study and prevention to curb the infection of the virus can breathe a sigh of relief. “.

Coronavirus isolated by Maria Capobianchi, Concetta Castilletti, Francesca Colavita

Maria Capobianchi (67 years old) is the director of the Virology laboratory of the Inmi Spallanzani. The researcher, born in Procida, has a degree in biological sciences and specializes in microbiology; since 2000 she works at the Roman hospital. Concetta Castilletti (56 years old) is originally from Ragusa and is responsible for the Emerging Virus Unit, specialized in microbiology and virology.

virus isolato in laboratorio

Francesca Colavita (30 years old) was born in Campobasso and has been working in the Spallanzani laboratory for 4 years. The scholar, in recent years, has been in Africa, where she has carried out research to combat the contagion of the Ebola virus. They are three research specialists who represent three Italian excellences but above all three great minds of the South of Italy.

Comments of the researchers on their discovery

Spallanzani’s scholars comment on the result of their research: “Now it will be easier to find a vaccine for coronavirus. Having the virus available means starting from a good base. We worked for five hours a day in the laboratory, we cuddled the virus. This result opens up important possibilities in terms of detection even in asymptomatic patients, in the treatments and research work for the virus. The fear of contagion exists and must be there because it spurs everyone to comply with all safety procedures. “

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