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The first of a series of videoconferencing meetings on Zoom of the network of Italians in the world will officially start on 8 August – for Italy at 3 pm. They will be moments of discussion dedicated to topics that will be chosen from time to time. The name of these events will be itCaffè because it will be like taking a coffee break and having a pleasant conversation. Saturday will talk about emigration of Italians to the world.

itCaffè about Italian emigration

The project is part of the mission which was created with the aim of helping Italians around the world to network.

itCaffè - Emigrazione

But also to keep the love for their country of origin intact in their hearts. On 18 July there was a first break-in videoconference with the bloggers in South America. The speeches were rich and exciting. Now we really start with a nice calendar of appointments and we are sure that many beautiful experiences and ideas for new and exciting projects will come out.

The idea of itCaffè

These appointments were born by the will of the editors who have collected the request of collaborators around the world to get to know each other and confront each other.

itCaffé - Valigia

Therefore, itCaffè comes out of a perceived and widespread need of the bloggers of the various cities, that are part of network, to get in touch with each other. From there the step was simple and short as the times and rules of the internet want. Saturday 8 August we start with a lot of enthusiasm. Events extended to participants outside the network are also in the pipeline. But we will talk about this later.

How the event will take place

The videoconference on Saturday 8 August will be held on the Zoom internet platform. Access credentials will be published for those wishing to participate in the comparison. We hope for many. Speakers will speak to discuss the issue of the emigration of Italians to the world.

it caffe - flyer con i partecipanti

For Europe there will be, from Italy, Cristina Campolonghi of itVenezia and Federica Puglisi of itPalazzoloAcreide; from England Mara Diamanti of itLondon; from Spain Francesca Chiefari from itBarcelona. The word will then pass to South America where the bloggers of itAsunción, itBuenosaires and itMontevideo, respectively Silvano Malini, Amira Giudice and Thamara Desalvo, will talk about emigration. In Latin America there is a dense network of bloggers who animate the partner sites of Websites that operate in the main cities: Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Rosario, Misiones, Mendoza, Córdoba, Montevideo and Asunción. We just have to meet at the itCaffè on Saturday. Do not miss it.

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