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rieti - foto in bianco e nero di due signore anziane - black and white photo of two elderly ladies
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

The Lazio Region Councilor for Health Alessio D’Amato reports this news after a start that did not see him happy at all. In one day his region recorded 50 new positive cases, 18 of which from a single outbreak for the participation of four families at the same funeral. A false step that angers, the trust in citizens – that is irreproachable, except for rare cases – disregarded by lightness that we even can’t blame out loud (if it were our dear extinct? Wouldn’t we have done everything to greet him?). In short, D’Amato wanted to keep the good for the final. Here it is then, from his own words:

It is with great joy that we learned from the ASL of Rieti of the healing of a 104-year-old granny. The woman is a guest of the Santa Lucia Institute in Rieti and has become negative. We send her the best wishes for a prompt and complete recovery and thanks go to the nuns and all the health workers who have assisted her lovingly and professionally in this period.

rieti - una signora anziana con un cellulare nelle mani - an elderly lady with a smartphone in her hands
Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Not bad, huh? There is no need to speculate about the weakening of the viral strain, nor to let down our guard or feel authorized to attend group funerals. But we can congratulate our grandparents’ temperament. Only last week we told you about Giovanna, Giacomina and Antonina, centenary grannies and photomodels in Sardinia. Together on the posters of their municipality for a beautiful awareness campaign. It is certainly comforting to know that our ancestors are so sensitive, but it is completely exciting to be able to see they are even strong. The news that comes to us from Santa Lucia di Rieti, kept warm by the councilor D’Amanto, gives us the power to believe. That we are stronger than what we are so afraid of. To the health of Rieti’s granny then. And ours.

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