The tiramisu cream with marron glacés is a recipe by Maestro Montersino, that I wanted to use to create this dessert. A combination with chocolate, which was a great success.

Production time: 1 hour + refrigeration time
Degree of difficulty (from 1 to 5): 3
For the sacher biscuit: with this dose you can make one round band of 24 cm and one of 22 cm, 1 cm high

Ingredients for a band of 24 cm

For the sacher biscuit
165 g marzipan
35 g sugar
80 g yolk
55 g eggs
100 g egg whites
50 g sugar
40 g 360w flour
20 g cocoa
35 g cocoa mass (I used a 70% dark chocolate)
40 g butter

For the chestnut tiramisu cream (Luca Monteresino)
110 g white chocolate
150 g fresh cream
6 g gelatine powder + 30 g of water to hydrate it
120 g chestnut dough
215 g fresh cream
85 g mascarpone

For the chocolate cream
100 g 70% chocolate
250 g English cream

slice of tiramisu cake with marron glace
Slice of tiramisu cake with whipped cream

Procedure to make the tiramisu cake with marron glacé

Tiramisu cream
Boil the first part of the cream and pour it over the slightly melted chocolate. Add the hydrated gelatine and mix well with a blender. Add the other part of cold cream, mascarpone and chestnut dough. Place in the fridge covered with a film in contact for one night. The day after, whip to the right density.

The procedure to make the cookie with the Thermomix
In the bowl put the egg yolks, the eggs, the 50 g of sugar, the marzipan, the cocoa and blend at speed 10. It must become a smooth emulsion. Whisk the egg whites with the other sugar in a planetary mixer. Add to the emulsion the melted chocolate with the butter, the flour and mix well. Then add the egg whites, a little at a time, stirring from the bottom upwards. Pour into the molds at a height of about 1cm. Bake at 180 ° C for about 20 minutes.

detail of the tiramisu cake with marron glace
Detail of the tiramisu cake with marron glace

To make chocolate cream
Chop the chocolate and melt it slightly in the microwave or in a bain-marie. Pour over the warm English cream and mix with the blender.

Line the band with film, (make it adhere well, otherwise the creamy may come out) and place an acetate tape inside.
Put the sacher biscuit at the base, strain the cream and put in the fridge or freezer to solidify.
Whip the tiramisu cream with chestnuts with the leaf, divide it into two pastry bags, one with a star nozzle and one with a smooth round nozzle. Turn the cake out of the band and make the spikes to taste with the tiramisu cream. Decorate with small pieces of marron glacé and gold leaf and the round cake with tempered chocolate plates.
The recipe was made by Floriana Campodonico.

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