November, 9th: “a day like any other”, someone will say. “A” musical “day”, someone else will say given the repetition of the first two syllables. “An important day”, the most ardent fan will finally roar: the day that gave birth to Biagio Antonacci. And we of are hereto wish a happy birthday to a great Italian musician.

Biagio Antonacci: profile picture
Photo from the official facebook page of Biagio Antonacci

A career full of successes

Born under the Madonnina on November, 9th 1963 by Pugliese father and Milanese mother, Biagio, despite playing the drums as a child, didn’t immediately see his future in music. He graduated as a geometrician and joined Carabinieri. After finishing Allievi School in Turin he serves Garlasco and it is there that his path crosses that of music. The mediator of this meeting is nothing less than Ron: he submits him to an audition and presents him to the Stadio that engage him to open their own concert. It is the first time that Biagio sets foot on a stage and takes so much taste to abandon all the rest. The second stage that crowds is the most valuable, the one that makes even the most successful of artists tremble: Sanremo. He made his debut in 1988, in the New Proposals section, with Voglio vivere in un attimo.

biagio antonacci: perforiming at a concert
Photo from the facebook page of Biagio Antonacci

He doesn’t break at the Italian Song Festival but success comes in the following years. The first album is released in 1989. Sono cose che capitano. From there he published another 25: 14 in studio, 2 live, 10 collections. Liberatemi, Mi fai stare bene, Inaspettata, Sapessi dire no, Dediche e manie, they are just some of the records that have brought him satisfactions and successes. His name resounded in the major stadiums, in the largest palaces and in the main squares of Italy and abroad. He has become an icon of our musical landscape. With his warm voice, recognizable since the first note, the Latin rhythm and the engaging air entered the hearts of all of us. In over 30 years of career he has sold millions of records: only 800,000 with the two parts of Convivendo. And a 1.600.000 followers gathered on facebook.

Biagio Antonacci not only a singer

Biagio Antonacci is not only a guitarist; he is not only a singer: he is also, and above all, an author. In addition to having written the vast majority of his lyrics, he produced songs for the most beautiful voices of Italian music. Syria, the Stadio, Raffaella Carrà and the great Mia Martini. And for Mietta, for Mina and Annalisa Minetti. For Alessandra Amoroso and Laura Pausini. With Laura, moreover, the long-lasting collaboration went far beyond, becoming a pure and strong friendship. The two, in fact, toured Italy this summer with Laura Biagio Stadi Tour 2019. Throughout his career he has collaborated with Zucchero, Tiziano Ferro, Leona Lewis and Rebecca Ferguson, among others.

Biagio Antonacci together with laura pausini
Photo from the facebook page of Biagio Antonacci

Successes and music aside, we like to emphasize Antonacci’s social commitment. Cultivating his passion for football, he joined the Italian National singers team, thus contributing to the noble cause of financing aid projects. And in the past he collaborated with Don Piero Gelmini in various actions to recover marginalized young people. On the other hand, as Van Gogh said, an artist “must have a loving heart for other men.” And Antonacci has it!
Today he turns 56 and we wish him a happy birthday!

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