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New government‘s clamp-down to face the spread of the virus. Hospitals need doctors, soon. More than 7900 doctors responded to the civil protection call “doctors for covid”. There are many professionals from the south. The “call to action” moves Italy before so much solidarity. Many of them are retired doctors but there are also many young people.

Doctors, almost 8 thousand applications

More than 7,900 doctors responded to the call launched by the Civil Protection, which closed on March 21st. Among these, 300 will be selected to work in support of regional health facilities involved in the Covid-19 emergency.

Doctors: Medici - bando medici per covid
Doctors for COVID ban- Civil Protection Photos

The “doctors for covid” operation was launched by the Minister for Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia during a press conference at the headquarters of the Civil Protection department. Only 24 hours allowed to fill in the online form. However, they were enough to collect over 7900 applications that will be evaluated in the next few hours. Priority will be given to anesthesiologists, with expansion to other equally important profiles.

Call for doctors: “Overwhelmed by the best Italy”

The minister commented on Twitter: “Almost 8 thousand doctors responded to the call. An act of love and pride for the country“. Boccia underlined with satisfaction: “We have been overwhelmed by the best Italy. The State will do everything to support and thank them.”

Medici - Boccia e Borrrelli
Francesco Boccia – Foto Ministero

In presenting the announcement, the minister said bluntly: “It is a “call to arms” for Italian healthcare because health workers who are on the front line against the coronavirus emergency need help.” The ban was necessary because doctors who work against coronavirus, especially in Lombardy, are in trouble. An call dictated, therefore, by need and urgency. This is why only 24 hours were granted.

Borrelli: “act quickly” 

For the head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, “it is about building a rapid intervention“. The doctors who will be selected will join those of regional health and volunteers already working in hospitals where coronavirus patients are treated.

Doctors: Medici - Angelo Borrelli
Angelo Borrelli – Photo from Civil Protection Department

For the doctors selected, reimbursement of travel expenses and a flat-rate allowance for each day are provided. Regions will arrange accommodation. The participation in the task force will be mandatory for the employer, with the exception of the affiliated structures for which the possibility of joining occurs on a consensual basis with the employer.

Stop to non-essential activities

The emergency has reached high levels. There are over 42,000 people infected with the virus. On Saturday night Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced new restrictive measures: “It is necessary to take another step forward, we must close all unnecessary productive activities throughout the national territory, which are not indispensable to guaranteeing essential goods and services”.

 Giuseppe Conte
Giuseppe Conte

the prime minister was live on Facebook to announce the new stop to non-essential activities: “It is the worst crisis since the post-war period. We slow down the production engine of the country but we don’t stop it. It’s not an easy decision.” 300 doctors of the task force are now ready to enter the wards. “In such a difficult moment – Conte pointed out with satisfaction – this is yet another generous response all Italians can be proud of. Thank you all, heroes in a white uniform.

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