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Are we going on holiday this summer? Yes but where? No cruises or dream places. For the moment the Italians are cautious. And after the emergency that is affecting the whole world, they are ready to organize their summer holidays. But: staying home. Not in the literal sense of the term, as we have learned in recent months, but remaining in their region. Even if moves will be authorized, it is better to enjoy our cities and those who are luckier can even enjoy their sea. This was revealed by “Airbnb” which is monitoring the booking flows of these months.

Le spiagge per le vacanze italiane - beaches for italian holidays
We will return to the beach respecting the rules

Holidays in Italy for most people

And so everyone chooses to stay on our beloved peninsula. In particular, they are choosing homes with swimming pools where they can enjoy the sun but also think about working. Because smartworking could continue to be a constant in our life in the coming months. “80% of the searches concern places in Italy: last year the figure was about half – Airbnb’s country manager for Italy, Giacomo Found explained to Agi. Geographically, the phenomenon is homogeneous among all the regions: in 2020 those will in short be decidedly more Italian holidays. At this moment the prevailing trend concerns proximity movements, that is within the region of origin.”

And many Italians love Sicily for holidays

Since summer holidays are mainly sea, Sicily is one of the most popular regions. “At this time – adds Trovato – in Sicily the greatest number of reservations is coming from Sicilian citizens. In this sense, we believe that people will proceed step by step: in the coming weeks, we expect the propensity to move a little more to increase.”

Per le vacanze gli italiani scelgono la Sicilia - Sicily is the main destination for italians' holidays
The city of Segesta in Sicily

Among the major searches are the large houses with internet connection

Italians, therefore, think of comfortable holidays but in well-equipped houses. “Social distancing is important, of course – notes Trovato-, for this reason people are looking for a whole house rather than a shared house. The most used search filter in recent days is the presence of a swimming pool, while traditionally the first was the presence of wi-fi. The data makes us think that the Italians are looking for a certain house even more than a certain destination. On top of the desires there seems to be a comfortable home, with a garden or swimming pool, where you can be pleasantly with your family. We also expect the success of the houses with direct access to the beach and lake: we have 33,000 on our portal”.

The connection is fundamental, then, for smartworking. From the research carried out by the portal it seems that Italians will point to the holiday home where they can still continue to work. And it will also be essential to choose safe places where the rules are respected: from sanitizing the premises, to the spacing between umbrellas for those who can go to the beach.

Le vacanze al mare la scelta di molti - Holidays by the sea
For these holidays we will go bacj to the beach

Reservation increasing: everyone dreams of holidays

And from Airbnb searches, reservations are increasing. “There are those who throw their hearts over the obstacle – says Trovato- and start booking the holiday. The trend of the last seven days is encouraging and allows us to be more optimistic in comparison with 2019: if it continues in the next three four weeks the picture will become even more comforting”. But foreigners will not reach Italy for the moment. The greatest flows concern Italians, also because many connections with foreign countries remain stationary. But we are still in May so who knows. The sector hopes to be reborn, like the Italian economy that thrives mainly on tourism.

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