Imagine two overseas tourists and add us a trip to Italy to the southernmost borders of our peninsula. Think of a logbook in which to note the beauty of the area and beyond. Where will the protagonists of this story arrive? Pages that taste flavors and aromas, those of good Sicilian cuisine. The land of the sun that with its culinary tradition of excellence has deserved a place on the most important world newspapers.

Tourists not by chance

It is certainly not just two travelers, but a man and a woman who had left America armed with a pen. And we know the pen, like the word, has its power. Professional journalists, Meredith Belthune and Lucas Peterson, have brought Sicilian cuisine to international attention. Thanks to the name of the publications for which they collaborate: New York Times and Tasting Table. A stage of no small importance to emphasize the value of the beloved Sicilian cuisine.

Sicily cuisine. Island of Sicily

But what did the two correspondents write in detail? We could say that their words reveal the enthusiasm of discovering new flavors. The surprise of imaginative combinations, dishes, flavors capable of tickling the taste buds. Sicily is therefore painted as the region where you eat better in Italy. And it is not over here, to enjoy the appreciation of the two journalists is the ice cream. “So good to be among the best in the world!”

Tour of flavors

Numerous places visited by the two American journalists. Cities rich in knowledge: Palermo, Cefalù, Licata, Ragusa, Noto. Places whose history unites a flourishing land, where to grow healthy food, to the contribution of the many peoples who in the past have dominated the island. From the Romans to the Greeks, from the Arabs to the Normans. Culture is many things and it is also food tradition. Sicilian cuisine consists of a variety of products. You start with a hearty breakfast: sheep’s ricotta cannoli and San Giuseppe’s zeppole. A principle of the day that alone was probably enough to amaze the “well-known” journalists! But let’s continue with lunch. Arousing enthusiasm were dishes that literally made the two Americans fall in love.

Sicilian cuisine. zeppole

Pasta to the norm, spaghetti with sea urchins, with sardines. Many dishes that combine pasta and fish. After all, Sicily with its beautiful sea, collects from the environment, then wisely transformed into succulent dishes. Fried mixed, cod with pears, swordfish to name but a few. What about the aubergines? Lucas Peterson believes that the Sicilians are crazy about it. It is no coincidence that they are the protagonists of many recipes. First of all the parmigiana without forgetting the caponata! Emblem of the island are among other things, oranges. Often called “Sicilian oranges” they are found both in salad starters and in refreshing slushes. And if the two journalists had not had a day had time for a stop at the restaurant? How will they find “street food”? Also promoted street food. Arancini of rice, panelle palermitane, scacce ragusane. Impossible not to hold the Sicilian cuisine among the tastiest in the world!

Ice cream that goodness

A continuous and unstoppable surprise. Perhaps the pages of their logbook were not enough to describe the endless goodness of Sicilian cuisine. To be enjoyed during a walk, the pistachio ice cream of Bronte has certainly amazed the Belthune and the Peterson. Apostrofandolo as a craft product among the best on the international scene. What’s special about it? First of all, territoriality. Baptized with the name of “green gold”, pistachios are cultivated in Bronte, in the province of Catania. An area that extends to the slopes of Mount Etna, a territory with a dry and warm climate, to which the fruit fits very well.

Sicilian cuisine. Pistachio of Bronte

The soil rich in minerals helps make the pistachio a riot of flavor. Used in many recipes, from pesto as a condiment for pasta to biscuits. But surely their fame binds to ice cream. With a strong taste, it is able to leave in the mouth all the aroma of the real pistachio. Not just ice cream. In fact, like many other local products, pistachio is discovered in other garments. For example in liqueur cream. Another elegant and appreciated craft product of Sicilian cuisine!

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